Service Policy understands circumstances can and sometimes do change, so we offer you the most competitive and client-friendly service policy in the reference verification industry.

Report Delivery:

Our preferred method to deliver your report is by email. However, we can deliver a printed report by first class mail for an additional $7.95 for each report. Overnight and priority mail is available, but rates will be higher. Please call for details.

You may cancel your order(s) for a full refund up to the time that work has begun on one or more of your orders. After such time that work has begun on any one or more of your orders, we are unfortunately unable to provide a refund, however, you may cancel your order(s) and we will cease any further work, per your direction.


If your original reference is not available (no longer working at your former employer) you may make one (1) reference substitution. Once a substitute reference has been selected and their information has been provided to us, your order will be concluded with the selected substitute.

Circumstances Beyond our Control:


We strive to provide you with timely service; however, the completion of your order is entirely dependent on the availability and cooperation of the reference(s) you have asked us to contact. Vacations, illness, family obligations, business commitments, and travel requirements, are the most common obstacles which delay our efforts to contact your reference. Incomplete or incorrect contact information can greatly increase our turn-around times. Again, we do not provide refunds for incomplete orders or those subject to client-imposed deadlines. These situations are simply beyond our control.
Third Party Service Providers:

Occasionally we are directed to a fee-based third party service provider or vendor who provides reference or verification information on behalf of employers In these instances, we have completed our job to the best of our ability and our report shall constitute a formal response to your order However, to extend a courtesy to our clients, we will attempt, when available, to collect any information that would allow further access to any available information from the third party vendor and report that accordingly. We are happy to proceed with checking the information held by the fee-based provider when we receive your payment for access fees.

Employer Policy:

If your reference is prohibited from commenting, or providing an employment reference due to established employer policy we expect any prospective employer will have a similar experience. We will complete your order and file our report reflecting our experience with your reference as a formal response to your inquiry.
Employer Policy Reference redirects to Human Resources:

If your reference is required to redirect all employment related inquiries to Human Resources we will follow that trail at no additional charge. We will file our report noting the original reference response/actions, the employer policy as well as the information provided by Human Resources.

Authorization to Release Information:

Some employers require an Authorization to Release Information signed by the former employee before releasing any details regarding your employment. We certainly understand and respect that you may elect not to provide a signed release, however this limits our ability to move your case forward at which point we will complete your order by filing a written report. No refunds.

Social Security Numbers:

Some employers (rarely) require us to provide them with either your complete social security number or a portion of it. Employers typically use your SSN# as a unique identifier when more than one employee sharing the same name exists in the employer’s files. We understand and respect that you may not want to provide us with sensitive personal information, however we are unable to proceed further if you elect not to. In these cases we will complete your order by filing a written report. No refunds.

Reference Fails to Respond:

We make every effort to contact your reference, and to collect as much information possible. It is not our job to continue calling other references if your original reference does not respond or cooperate. We will make a minimum of 6 contact attempts (with messages). If your reference fails to respond, we are forced to conclude your reference doesn’t wish to be available to discuss your employment.

Realizing that a potential employer would be treated similarly, we are left with no choice but to file our report reflecting our experience with the reference as a formal response to your inquiry, and encourage you to reconsider their value to your job search efforts. However, should your reference later reach out to us, we will re-open your case and update your report at no further charge to you for a period of up to 30 days. Again, we do not provide refunds in these instances.

Orders Placed On-hold, Abandoned, or Unattended:

There are times when we require action on the part of our clients to help us continue work on their order. We expect clients to respond. Any order placed on-hold, or otherwise abandoned, or unattended due to client non-response for any period of 30 days or more will be permanently closed with no refund.

Right to Refuse Service:

At our managements sole discretion we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime for any reason or no reason at all.