also offers “next step” services to address bad or negative job references including cease and desist letters and sworn affidavits, so you can get your career back on track. Order one reference check today and find out why our clients prefer over all other reference checking services for the best value for job reference checks and related services

Cease and Desist Letters

Our Prepared Cease and Desist Letter is authoritative, compelling, and concise, strategically written by our experienced professionals using your reference check report from Our prepared cease and desist letter removes any potential influence of emotional bias you may be experiencing, all while maintaining a professional demeanor in a firm, yet non-combative tone.

Sworn Affidavits

If you’ve used our services in support of a current or upcoming legal action as a result of a bad reference your attorney will appreciate this valuable tool. Our notarized affidavit service is an effective and inexpensive alternative to in-person testimony. looks forward to serving you with your next step needs based on references checked by does not issue cease and desist letters or affidavits for references checked by any other reference checking service.

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