Yes, you must still pay for the reference checking service regardless of a company policy to not release information. True, some employers do have policies that prevent them from sharing any more than basic information, but we do find that people are willing to ignore that policy if they’re motivated to give you a negative review. Again, what they say, and how they actually say it will often times reveal a great deal of information about what a prospective employer will learn.

If you think your employer may have such a policy, you can call and ask for the terms of that policy, while keeping in mind your reference may very well ignore the policy. Can you afford not to know?

Reference Checking Service For Job Seekers.

Successful people know how well their references perform when contacted by prospective employers. Whether you have a bad reference or you want to evaluate some or all of your job references, can help. is a reference checking service for job seekers used to evaluate and identify your highest performing references to provide prospective employers. also offers “next step” services to address bad or negative job references including cease and desist letters and sworn affidavits, so you can get your career back on track. Order one reference check today and find out why our clients prefer over all other reference checking services for the best value for job reference checks and related services.

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