Reference checking services (AKA Independent employment reference verification) is not new, says Scott Marshall, CYR publicist. We have always strongly encouraged job seekers to have their references independently validated as part of a methodical and well-planned job search. With our industry reporting approximately 40% of employment references graded as non-positive, job seekers simply can’t afford the risk of not knowing how their references are responding, particularly at a time when employers have so many candidate choices., an independent employment reference verification service is encouraging job seekers to check your references using a third party validation service, which most closely matches the scenario a reference will encounter during a routine call with a prospective employer. Duplicating the scenario of a professional encounter with someone unfamiliar to the reference is critical in measuring how they perform on your behalf.
Recently, began introducing clients to a concept of voluntarily producing their independently verified employment reference check reports to prospective employers as a means to distinguish themselves from other candidates competing for the same position.
This approach is something of a new strategy, says, Marshall. Traditionally, candidates are generally reluctant to provide employment references until requested. This reluctance stems from candidates not knowing exactly how their references will respond, yet when references are independently evaluated, candidates experience a high degree of confidence in their references. This transpires into empowerment and self-assurance that carries forward into the job interview.

Once we deliver a positive report on a client’s references, we encourage clients to consider using their references as a type of independently validated Employee-Facts Report. A similar concept has been very successful in marketing used automobiles.

Candidates who voluntarily provide their verified reports during the interview process send a positive message to the employer they are proactive and driven to succeed. At a time when first impressions matter, this strategy will make that first impression a lasting one. is the premier employment reference checking service. We deliver a high level of confidence to clients seeking independent and unbiased verification of their employment references to confirm their references will communicate the right message, when called upon.

Reference Checking Service For Job Seekers.

Successful people know how well their references perform when contacted by prospective employers. Whether you have a bad reference or you want to evaluate some or all of your job references, can help. is a reference checking service for job seekers used to evaluate and identify your highest performing references to provide prospective employers. also offers “next step” services to address bad or negative job references including cease and desist letters and sworn affidavits, so you can get your career back on track. Order one reference check today and find out why our clients prefer over all other reference checking services for the best value for job reference checks and related services.

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