Many job seekers either suspect or already know they have a bad job reference, however few are familiar with the actions to take to resolve the bad reference. If you find yourself in this situation, can help through a prepared cease and desist letter.

A cease and desist letter is a letter sent to a business, organization or individual explicitly warning them to discontinue unlawful or harmful activity (“cease”) and not re-engage or take it up at any time in the future (“desist’). The content of the letter may warn it’s recipient to take particular actions or conduct themselves in a particular manner or face legal action.

Our prepared cease and desist letter is authoritative, compelling, and strategically written by our experienced professionals using your reference check report from Our prepared cease and desist letter removes any potential influence of emotional bias you may be experiencing, all while maintaining a professional demeanor in a firm, yet non-combative tone. Our clients have grown to appreciate this timely, affordable and effective solution for bad references.

Use a Cease and Desist Letter to formally tell someone to stop. A cease and desist letter also creates the necessary paper trail should additional legal action be necessary. As you will find, cease and desist letters from are an effective tool at preventing bad references from harming your career opportunities. If you are not sure you have a bad reference or need a cease and desist letter, contact us today so we can assist you in evaluating your best next step.

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