If you are active in a job search, or about to start, prepare to have your employment history and references verified. Lets face it, the days of employers disregarding the importance of reference checks are long since past.  The best approach is to use a two-step plan of preparation and verification.  Assemble a well thought out list of references while preparing your resume, as chances are they will be checked by a prospective employer.  According to a survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) more than 80 percent of human resource professionals indicated they regularly conduct reference checks for professional (89 percent), executives (85 percent), administrative (84 percent) and technical (81 percent) positions. While reference checks are less common for skilled labor, part-time, temporary, and seasonal positions,  the fact remains checking is still common practice.

Employers generally contact 2-3 references for each prospective candidate. Maintaining a current list while selecting the right references is paramount! Contact your references in advance as a personal and professional courtesy.  You’re references should be receptive, and responsive, able to verify your title,  that you worked there, and your reason for leaving.  Additionally, your references should have direct knowledge of your performance, duties, and responsibilities. It’s perfectly acceptable to use references other than your employer. Business acquaintances, customers, and vendors can all make excellent references. If you are involved with volunteer organizations consider using leaders or other members of the organization as references.  For additional information see How to Select Your References.

Additionally, you may be asked to provide contact information concerning your supervisor. However,  ask prospective employers to seek  your permission before contacting your current supervisor so as not to jeopardize your current position.

Lastly, don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your organizational skills by having your references prepared and available at a moments notice, producing them only when asked.

When contacted, your references will be asked everything from how you may fit the position you’re interviewing for, to questions about your attendance and reliability. Communicate with your references the type of position you are seeking and try to anticipate what you think the employer may want to know. Ask your references some sample questions and see what responses they provide. Now, have each reference independently verified by a professional reference verification service to gain complete confidence of the outcome. It is far better to get an unpleasant surprise in advance, affording you an opportunity to modify your reference list.

Our professional reference verification service can play an important role in your job search effort should  you have concerns regarding accurate reporting of  your work history, or questions about what a former employer will say about you. Unfortunately, in this day and age, “reference slamming” does occur, so take steps to protect your investment in preparation.

Reference Checking Service For Job Seekers.

Successful people know how well their references perform when contacted by prospective employers. Whether you have a bad reference or you want to evaluate some or all of your job references, CheckYourReference.com can help. CheckYourReference.com is a reference checking service for job seekers used to evaluate and identify your highest performing references to provide prospective employers. CheckYourReferences.com also offers “next step” services to address bad or negative job references including cease and desist letters and sworn affidavits, so you can get your career back on track. Order one reference check today and find out why our clients prefer CheckYourReference.com over all other reference checking services for the best value for job reference checks and related services.

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